Get Involved

If you are new to The Hill, I suggest you try us out 2-3 times before you make any decisions to stay or keep looking for another community to connect with. The reason for this is that we are less conventional than most churches and our services are not always the same from week to week. Here are some things you should know about The Hill so that you can get the most out of your initial visit and involvement in our community:

– Sunday nights look different than Wednesday nights. Sunday nights will feel more like a regular church setting; we have worship followed by a message. One of the things people appreciate about the worship is that there seems to be a freedom that is not present in other worship settings. You may see people raising their hands, kneeling, crying, clapping or none of these. We value the freedom of our expression in worship. With that said, there is no underlying expectation for you to worship in this way.

– Another main element that sets The Hill apart is its conversational format during the message. If you have a question, if you need clarification or you have a comment on what was just said, there is freedom for that during the service.

– Community and connecting with others is a primary reason for coming to The Hill. This typically takes place after the message. Following the service all who wish are treated to a free “Starbucks”-like experience with excellent coffee, specialty drinks, and exceptional fellowship.

– Childcare is also provided at The Hill by a rotation of parent volunteers. The hope is that the childcare eliminates or at least lessens the distraction of connecting with others at The Hill.

– Wednesday night is Bible study and is even more laid back than Sunday. We use a verse-by-verse format coupled with dialogue to get the most out of our study of scripture.

– Those who get the most out of our community and keep coming back are the ones who are willing to risk transparency for the sake of real and authentic relationships.

If you have any questions about who we are or how to plug in please feel free to call me at 763-670-3727 or email me.